Top Coppers

Spoof Comedy following cops Mahogany and Rust. Working for the Justice City they investigate Crime Magnate Harry Mcranes expansion into the "Ice Cream and Drugs" business.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 5.9

Season 1 - Top Coppers
"Notorious Cockney crime boss Harry McCrane takes over an ice cream factory. Meanwhile, Mahogany wants to ask out new girl Pippa, but he already has plans with Rust for video night. Awkward."
"When the ageing star of hit sci-fi show Future Space starts receiving anonymous death threats, Mahogany finds himself coming face to face with his childhood hero. Meanwhile, Rust hates actors, until he finds out that being an actor makes you rich."
"Mahogany and Rust investigate mysterious disappearances near Dr Sch\u00e4fer's top secret medical research lab."
"The world's best art thief, Gerard Clich\u00e9, is in town. Mahogany and Rust want to win The Golden Doughnut, the prize for the best crime fighting duo."
"Rust's identical twin brother Vince escapes from Justice City penitentiary with a devious plan to swap places with Rust and infiltrate JCPD. Meanwhile, it's Mahogany's birthday and he's fed up that Rust has forgotten all about it AGAIN. Just typical."
"Justice City's darkest hour! A mysterious computer hacker launches a cyber attack on the whole city, demanding just one thing - John Mahogany. Meanwhile, Rust must avoid the tax inspector as he hasn't paid a penny in five years. He has a sneaky plan."